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"People either love or hate my song!" says France's Anggun

22 February 2012 at 23:08 CET

Anggun was born in Indonesia, and enjoyed a successful music career there. At a young age, she decided to take the risk and leave her homeland for Europe, in the hope of showcasing her music to a more diverse worldwide audience.

Hear all about Anggun's background, and how her huge breakthrough smash hit Snow On The Sahara launched her European and worldwide career.

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Anggun also shares with us how she became involved with the French entry for 2012, and how she feels about both the positive and negative reactions from the public to her song.

Having lived in France for the last ten years, Anggun is more familiar now with the Eurovision Song Contest, find out what her favourite songs have been over recent years in our video interview below.

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Anggun has embarked in a "Eurovision Tour" that will take her to several countries and TV shows around Europe where she'll perform the French entry Echo (You And I) and she's planning on recording some webisodes to illustrate the tour. Below you can watch the first one, recorded during her visit to the Maltese final.

France is a member of the Big Five and will therefore participate directly in the Final of Europe's Favourite TV Show on Saturday 26th May in Baku, Azerbaijan.