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Paula & OVI: "The circular piano symbolises unity"

03 May 2014 at 20:36 CEST

The Head of the Romanian Delegation, Liana Stanciu, told that a few changes were to be made in the second rehearsal: "We will have a different choreography, and also the camera angles were changed. Also look out for changes in Paula's projection."

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Paula told us how this year's experience compares to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo: "Many things are the same or at least similar but one thing is definitely different: The expectations. This time, we are really aiming for 'something'."

OVI added: "The piano is the common element in our performances - we had that in Oslo already, so we needed to find something new by still keeping the piano as crucial element. So we came up with the circle, which is like a symbol of unity for us."

On stage, the symbol of unity is not only displayed by the circular piano, which is also projected onto the stage backdrop and floor. It's also shown by a natural gesture: Before the last chorus, Paula and OVI hug each other, a heart-warming moment that is captured well by the camera close-ups.

The main technical effect used during this act is a projection of Paula Seling on one of the backdrops, which then dissolves while she enters the stage from the other side. This kind of effect has never been used on a Eurovision Song Contest stage before. In addition to that, pyros were also applied: vertical flames in front of the stage.

All technical aspects left aside, the main thing about this performance was that the audience could easily feel that there's good chemistry between Paula and OVI!

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"It's a circle of wonders"

"We are feeling very nice here in Copenhagen", OVI started the conference. "It's amazing, we are happy to be here. It's my first time", Paula added.

"We are very happy with the changes made in this second rehearsal, even though we are still working on it. We changed the camera angles, and we adjusted our movements, especially to get the best impression of the hologram in the beginning of the song", they stated about today's performance.

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What does the circular piano mean? Before answering the question, OVI and Paula started to hold hands, creating a circle. "Look, it's like this - a circle of wonders", they explained.

"It requires vocal training, and you cannot always do it. For example, if it's too cold or you do it too often or too loud, you can harm your voice. But with the techics here, it's perfect. I actually practice it daily, and I want to keep my voice as close as possible to my ideal of a voice", Paula answered the question about how she managed to hit the high note in their song Miracle.

Do experienced artists still get nervous? "Every single time", Paula admits. "OVI is safe though, I am always the one who gets excited."

About the fact that the backing vocals and the songwriter is Danish, OVI said, smiling: "Didn't we think about all the details? The song came along in a songwriting camp I attended in Copenhagen last year, and I told the author that we'd love to come back to Eurovision with it. Then we started working on it." Paula added: "The song gave me the chills when I first heard it - I really love it."

"We cannot choose - it's like having parents choose between their kids! But of course we have grown in our artistic path, so I personally like Miracle more than Playing With Fire", Paula said about her favourite out of their two Eurovision entry. "We love both", OVI added.

So, what is Paula's and OVI's personal Miracle? "My miracle is my two kids", OVI said. "Mine is yet to come - my husband probably", Paula stated.