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Patricia Kaas going strong after Eurovision

29 July 2009 at 15:24 CEST

She released her new album Kabaret on the 30th of March this year, just a month and a half before her performance on the stage of Europe's favourite TV-show in Moscow. She's been touring ever since, giving concerts in almost every country in Europe.

Also, a documentary about her - Ma Vie - was aired on ARTE on the 25th of July, concentrating on her German and French heritage. It'll be rebroadcast on the 1st of August at 18.45 CET.

If you haven't seen her perform yet, then here are your 30 chances to fix that mistake. Namely, her concert schedule is given below.

  • 2 August at the Théâtre Antique in Carthage (Tunisia)
  • 7 August at the Festival in Zinal (Switzerland)
  • 9 August at the Théâtre De Verdure in Ramatuelle (France)
  • 11 August at the Théâtre De Verdure in Erbalunga (France)
  • 14 August at the Schlosspark in Schwerin (Germany)
  • 2 September at the Zeltmusikfestival in Bochum (Germany)
  • 4 September at the Parc Des Expositions in Chalons En Champagne (France)
  • 15 September at the Auditorium Mercaz in Haifa (Israel)
  • 16 September at the Auditorium Mann in Tel-Aviv (Israel)
  • 11 November at the Theater 11 in ZĂĽrich (Switzerland)
  • 12 November at the Amphitéâtre De La CitĂ© Internationale in Lyon (France)
  • 14 November at the Le DĂ´me in Marseille (France)
  • 15 November at the Arena in Geneva (Switzerland)
  • 17 November at the Zenith in Clermont-Ferrand (France)
  • 18 November at the Zenith in Toulouse (France)
  • 20 November at the Grand Amphithéâtre in Rodez (France)
  • 21 November at the Espace Culturel RenĂ© Cassin in Fontenay Le Comte (France)
  • 24 November at the Zenith in Lille (France)
  • 25 November at the Zenith in Caen (France)
  • 28 November at the Zenith in Nancy (France)
  • 1 December at the Phillipshalle in DĂĽsseldorf (Germany)
  • 2 December at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt (Germany)
  • 4 December at the Musical Theater in Basel (Switzerland)
  • 5 December at the Arena in Trier (Germany)
  • 7 December at the Die Glocke in Bremen (Germany)
  • 8 December at the Kuppelsaal in Hannover (Germany)
  • 11 December at the Zenith in Rouen (France)
  • 8 January 2010 at the Casino De Paris in Paris (France)
  • 9 January 2010 at the Casino De Paris in Paris (France)
  • 10 January 2010 at the Casino De Paris in Paris (France)

Patricia Kaas was selected to be the French representative for the 2009 edition of Europe's favourite TV-show late January this year. She took the job with Et S'il Fallait Le Faire and achieved the highest placing for France since 2002 by taking the eight place in the Final with 107 points. Due to her taking part, the three-time Eurovision Song Contest winner Johnny Logan is rumored to represent the country. Will that prove to be the case? Stay tuned!