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Pastora belts out the second rehearsal of Spain

Pastora Soler is one of Spain's top vocalists, and she showed it on her first stage contact yesterday "still many things are to be fixed in the performance, lighting and backdrop, but you know, it was the first rehearsal".

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So what does Pastora expect from today's rehearsal? "We need to keep improving until we're satisfied with the performance".

The rehearsal

And indeed things improved during the second rehearsal, but one thing remained the same, Pastora's confident and strong vocal performance. She got the Spanish press and fans attending the rehearsal cheering each time she sang Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me).

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The set is still very intimate during the rehearsal of Spain while Pastora is singing alone on the stage. As the backing singers approach her, a wind machine and clear lights invade the final part of the performance.

The Press Conference

Pastora Soler stated that she was very happy and proud to be representing Spain in this year's contest, although she admitted to feeling some pressure, but was pleased with the support she had received back home in Spain, She had been very pleased with today's rehearsal and considered it to be better than her first rehearsal yesterday, and felt very comfortable on stage.

Pastora normally sings flamenco songs, and she was asked why she wasn't singing this type of song in the contest? Flamenco she felt was very well known in Spain, but was a more difficult style for the rest of Europe, and she wanted to come to the contest with a ballad.

A journalist asked about the choreography for the song, and the Head of Delegation, Federico Llano, replied that TVE had arranged the choreography, but, he pointed out, it wasn't a choreography of dancers, but of singers.

The backing vocalists joined Pastora on the platform at the end of the conference to perform once again Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me).

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