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Pasha Parfeny: "It's an ironic song"

22 April 2012 at 14:22 CEST

Having started the preparations for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Pasha Parfeny was suddenly confronted with an unfortunate situation: Due to false copyright claims, the video clip of his Eurovision entry, Lăutar, was removed from Youtube, thus taking this important promotional channel away from him. However, the criminal offender has been arrested meanwhile, and Pasha, just like his video clip, are back on the net.

When asked about the role of the Eurovision Song Contest in Moldova, Pasha described it as the "most important cultural project of the country", as it is requires excellence in terms of singing, songwriting, and performing on stage. As an explanation why he participated in his country's national selection no less than four times, he added: "Competition is one of my favorite conditions. It assumes activization of all my abilities, and gives me aspiration to be the best at it!"

Three things mark Pasha's expectations from his participation in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest: Starting an international career, experiencing the biggest music competition from the inside, and getting acquainted with music professionals from all over Europe. In spite of knowing about his charms, Pasha says he's not expecting to win: "The main thing is not a victory, but it is participation."

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So, what is the song Lăutar about? "It is a very ironic song, unlike my entries in previous years, however, I couldn't refuse traditional elements of the Moldavian creativity", Pasha says. "Lăutar is a musician playing on various occasions, who during one particular wedding falls in love with a girl, who - covered in brilliants - arrived on the wedding on the private plane of her father. Her beauty eclipsed even the bride, and at her sight the Lăutar even forgot the lyrics of his songs. And though she was never on his earlier shows, he managed to win her heart with his songs. Generally, Lăutar is a song about the merge of two absolutely different worlds – aristocratical-magnificent and balkan-musical, folksy."

So, will Pasha manage to win the hearts of the TV viewers as well, and thus continue the amazing success record of Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest? We shall find out on May 22nd, on the night of the First Semi-Final. If you want to find out more about Pasha, or read through the lyrics of Lăutar, then check out the official participant profile right here on!