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Parties for everybody across Europe

08 May 2012 at 20:56 CEST

Many artists from this year's contest have been busy promoting their songs over the last few months, including making guest appearances in various nationals finals. Several also made the effort to attend fan organised events, and fans have also been organising their own preview parties.

On Sunday the 21st of April, no fewer than 23 of this year's participants travelled to Amsterdam for the 'Eurovision In Concert' event, which was attended by around 1350 fans. was also there to report on the concert.

Watch the highlights from Eurovision In Concert

Just over a week later on Sunday 29th of April, seven of the entrants to the 2012 contest, along with with former entrants, Omar Naber, Kati Wolf and Nicki French entertained some 300 fans at the 'London Preview Party'. was also there to cover the party.

Watch the highlights from the London Preview Party

We also took the opportunity through the social network of Facebook to ask your questions to some of the artists while they were in London.

Your Facebook questions asked at the London Preview Party

There have also been some smaller scale events, for example on the 2nd of May in Tel Aviv, Israel, fans had the opportunity to meet Valentina Monetta from San Marino, as well as their own representatives for Baku, the group Izabo.

Fans have also been holding their own parties across Europe, in order to watch, and vote, on the preview videos, all hoping that they can predict the outcome of Europe's Favourite TV Show.

Many organised parties will be also be taking place on the nights of the Semi-Finals and Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.