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Participants for the Russian national final revealed

03 March 2010 at 01:10 CET

Until spring comes, nightingales do not sing, one Russian proverb says. But with the beginning of spring not only birds start singing but also the participants for the Russian national selection, announced on the 1st of March by the Russian broadcaster, RTR, are training their voices to give their best on the day of the national final, the 7th of March.

Here is the running order of the 25 finalists who passed through their internal semi-final yesterday:

1. Group 'Princessa Avenue'
2. Jay Stever
3. Ana
4. Miusha
5. Duet 'Para-bellum'
6. Pyotr Suhov
7. Oleg Bezinskih
8. Natalia Terekhova
9. Group 'Jet Kids'
10. Pavla
11. Ekaterina Frolova
12. Ed Shulzhevskiy
13. Music group of Peter Nalitch
14. Group 'Buranovskiye babushki'
15. Alexander Panaiotov
16. Group 'Nano'
17. Natalia Damas and group 'L'brand'
18. Alena Roxis
19. Antonello Carozza
20. Polina Kozhikova
21. Group 'Los Devchatos'
22. Yulika
23. Elena Esenina
24. Group 'Alaska'
25. Group 'Scenakardia'

Julia Voice withdrew her entry. The group YoYo also withdrew their entry because of a medical condition. Eight other participants failed to qualify from the jury vote.

The outcome of the national final will be decided by a combination of televoting, SMS voting, web voting, and a professional jury. TV viewers can start casting their votes after the first entry has been performed, and the voting window will close 10 minutes after the last song has been performed.

The winner will represent Russia at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. The singer who will come second in the national final will be called as his replacement.