Parental Advisory: Super Gipsy is coming!

In the performance of the Czech band, not much has changed since the first rehearsal. The band members gave yet another confident and professional performance. However, only the lead singer wore the actual costume for the Semi-Final night in the rehearsal today. Radim Smetana, the Head of the Czech Delegation, informed us, though, that the remaining band members will wear jackets in the First Semi-Final. The LED screens remained the same as well: Those on top of the stage showed a comic strip depicting Super Gipsy, while, in the background, funny messages were shown, advising parents to take care of their children because of explicit content, as well as a dust bin and a bar code, reminding of price tags in super market. Asked about the expectations of the Czech team, Smetana said that they were hoping to reach the Final for the first time in the history of Czech participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. In the press conference, Radoslav Banga explained that the participation of in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest was a very important step for the representation of gipsies in arts and social life all around the world.

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