Paradise Oskar (Finland) 2nd press conference

According to his wishes, the design of the background is kept as simple as possible. “I don’t want anything to get in the way of the song,” he says. So it’s the night sky and the globe only. “It’s great to have such talented people to work with, the execution’s great.”

Focussing on the song, Paradise Oskar wants to bring out all the emotions, both in him as well as in the audience. “The greatest thing for me is when people are touched by the music. I’m happy if I get one person to laugh or cry or smile. My goal for Tuesday is to bring my music straight from my heart.”

How does he feel to go zero to one hundred, to the Eurovision? “I love to say something stupid at press conferences and read about it the next day. It’s like a hangover.” However, he wouldn’t reveal what that might have been.

Da Da Dum being a tender and slow song prompted Paradise Oscar to speed things up a little when he played “Frauen regieren die Welt”, an up-tempo song by Roger Cicero, singing it in flawless German. But if he wins the Contest, he’ll sing Da Da Dum really slowly since he’ll be in the focus of very, very many journalists. “I’ll make it a half-hour version,” he says smiling cheekily.

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