Paradise Oskar (Finland) 1st press conference

For Axel Ehnström aka Paradise Oskar, the environment seemed to be a big topic in the summer of 2010: “People only talked and talked about them but did nothing. So I thought, instead I’ll write a song about that.” The song Da Da Dam was born. The title doesn’t mean anything, not even in Finnish, he adds. “It’s more of an international symbol of apathy. Da Da Dam is just talking nothing. People sometimes don’t care about anything. So I decided to give the song a name which gives it an ironic twist.”

In it, a fictional boy named Peter goes out to save the world. On his own. Because adults have caused the problems and even children understand that you can’t live on like this. “But Peter’s not real. He should be.”

Paradise Oskar is also fictional. Axel says that he’s fond of Astrid Lindgren books and he especially liked ‘Rasmus and the Vagabond’. In the book, Paradise Oskar is an accordion player, a character that lives for the people in a simple and good way. Something that Axel likes to do too.

The singer/songwriter is taking the environmental stance seriously, recycling is very important to save the world, he says. To prove that he’s wearing a recycled shirt, made of different textiles among which are pieces of parachute fabric. “I’ll wear that in the finals,” promises Paradise Oskar.    

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