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Overview of the Eurovision Pre-Party Riga 2016

03 April 2016 at 15:32 CEST
Yesterday, in Riga, Latvia, the first of this year's preview parties took place. Nine acts from this year's contest performed their entries to a packed audience at the Spikeri Concert Hall, as well as special guests, Herrey's, the 1984 winners from Sweden. Here is a rundown of the yesterday's events.

In the morning

A whole day of events was organised by OGAE Latvia for the artists, and started in the morning with a walking tour of the city of Riga. The participants from Belarus, Bulgaria, Israel and Serbia took the opportunity to join the journalists and see around the old city, before they joined other entrants at a reception given by the Swedish Embassy in Riga.

Gallery: Walking tour of the city of Riga

During the day

In the afternoon a press conference was held, and it was clear to see how well all the artists are getting to know each other and forming bonds of friendship between them, as they all prepare for the experience of performing in front of the huge television audience next month in Stockholm. All the artists took the opportunity of having one to one interviews with the journalists and fans after the press conference.



Gallery: Press conference: Riga 2016

and at night

In the evening it was time for the main event, as each of the acts took to the stage to present their 2016 entry to the packed audience in the Spikeri Concert Hall, as well as an audience watching over the internet,  giving them all a first impression as to how the artists might sound and look on the big stage next month. Some of the artists took the opportunity to present other songs from their repertoire. The group Schlagerfeber also performed some Eurovision hits and other popular songs, and video greetings were shown from the artists from Austria, Australia and the United Kingdom.



Gallery: Concert performances at the Eurovision Pre-Party Riga 2016

Coming soon

Several of the artists will be appearing at similar events over the next few weeks, and the representatives of Israel, Malta and Spain were all catching the same flight for Moscow for tonight's event in the Russian capital.

Next weekend will see Eurovision In Concert staged in Amsterdam. Stay tuned to as we bring you highlights from the biggest preview party of the season.

Did you watch the concert last night? Which performances did you enjoy the most?