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Over 450 songs submitted in the Netherlands

03 October 2011 at 00:38 CEST

Earlier in the summer you will remember that we reported a change in approach by Dutch broadcaster TROS for how they will select their entry in 2012. 

After a poor result in Düsseldorf, a new tactic was employed where the creator of Big Brother, John de Mol was brought in to jazz things up a little in the hope of a better result in Baku next year. 

As such, it was decided to make the 2012 selection an open one and all song writers and artists in the Netherlands were invited to submit an entry. However, the submission was to be in person to the headquarters of TROS in Hilversum, where a special suitcase shaped postbox has been set up in the courtyard. Before posting the music (cd, sheet music, name of an artist and/or just lyrics) through the letterbox, a video message had to be recorded explaining their song and why they chose to enter.

Just before the final deadline on the 30th of September, a familiar face showed up to post his entry through the letterbox. This was Gordon (see photo above), who was part of the group De Toppers, who represented the Netherlands with the song Shine in 2009. This year he has submitted a song together with the band LA The Voices and hopes it will qualify to the national final. 

Now the work will begin to go through all the entries submitted to find the 6 or 7 acts that will take part in the Nationaal Songfestival early in the new year. 

Since 2004, the Netherlands has failed to qualify to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest and now drastic action is being taken to change these bad fortunes. 

Stayed tuned to for more about the Dutch final as it comes in. With John de Mol in charge, it ought to be an interesting ride!

In the meantime take a look below at the pile of entries submitted. Maybe there is a winner amongst them? We'll find out soon enough!