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Ott Lepland does Estonia proud again with second rehearsal

Backstage, Ott explained to us that there was a problem today with his usual backing singer Marvi, he said "Unfortunately Marvi is sick today so my vocal coach Maiken will take her place for this rehearsal."

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For the rehearsal, things are pretty much the same as the first time around. Ott is wearing a grey waistcoat and white t-shirt, although he did begin the performances wearing a jacket, but due to the heat on stage he removed this for the following performances.

Ott delivers his vocal impeccably and even managed to find time for some humour when he performed the last few lines of the song in a very deep voice during one run through.

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The LED backdrop starts very darkly, and just a single spotlight is shining down on Ott. As the song builds the theme changes to a more golden background and falling leaves are scattered across the screens.

The concept of the Estonian performance is very much about letting the music do the talking, focusing more on the purity of Ott's vocal delivery rather than any other distractions on set. He seems totally at ease on stage with seemingly no nerves at all.

Estonian Television were present filming the second press conference of Ott Lepland. There were also some Estonian fans who had arrived.

I try to deliver the emotion on stage

Ott was asked about what part the Eurovision Song Contest participation would play in his career. He said "I would like to believe it's the next step in my career. I have released two albums in Estonia. I haven't performed for such a big audience before. It's been a very good experience even if Estonia doesn't qualify for the final."

Ott has a clear expectation of what he wants from the experience in Baku saying "I'm going to give 200% in myself, the main thing is to represent my country with dignity and give a great performance."

On the absence of backing vocalist Marvi today, Ott told the press "The reason is that Marvi wasn't feeling very good this morning, she is resting and sleeping at the hotel. She will definitely be OK by the time of the performance in the Semi-Final."

English or Estonian dilemma

A journalist asked why Ott had experimented with his voice in the rehearsals today. He said "When you can deliver the emotion to the listeners and viewers, that's what makes an artist an artist. That's the beauty of performing for me. I'm going to do my best to convey the emotion on stage."
"I was experimenting with the sounds and playing with my vocals today, trying a few different things out."

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There was some deliberation as to whether to perform in English or Estonian in Baku. Ott explained "We had some thoughts to change the Estonian version in to English, but in the end I decided that the song was born in Estonian, it came from my heart. I believe that I can deliver the message the best way by singing it in Estonian. We actually made a Russian and Spanish version too as well as the English one. I truly believe that it's the right choice to sing in Estonian. I feel it would be unfair if I changed the language as the Estonian people voted for Kuula in Estonian in the first place."