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Oslo 2010: Results of the Running Order Draw

23 March 2010 at 15:35 CET

In the beginning of February, the Semi-Final Allocation Draw was held where it was determined in which Semi-Final the 34 participating countries would perform, in addition to the already qualified finalists France, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Norway.

As part of the draw, it was also determined if those countries will perform in the first or second half of the respective Semi-Final, so that each delegation already knows exactly on which day they are expected in Oslo for the rehearsals in May.

The excitement in Oslo at the Heads of Delegations peaked today at 15.00 CET when the Draw of the Running Order began. All countries got their exact starting positions.  You can see the show (again) on-demand in our ESCTV player. Enjoy!

Once again a total of five wildcards were drawn: two for each of the Semi-Finals and one for a country in the Final. These lucky countries could pick their spot in their respective shows. The Draw begun with, naturally, the first Semi-Final. You can find the results of it below.

First Semi-Final

  1. Moldova
  2. Russia
  3. Estonia
  4. Slovakia
  5. Finland
  6. Latvia
  7. Serbia (wildcard)
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  9. Poland
  10. Belgium
  11. Malta
  12. Albania
  13. Greece
  14. Portugal
  15. FYR Macedonia
  16. Belarus (wildcard)
  17. Iceland

Second Semi-Final

Then it was time for the participants of the second Semi-Final to get their starting positions. You can see the results below.

  1. Lithuania
  2. Armenia
  3. Israel
  4. Denmark
  5. Switzerland (wildcard)
  6. Sweden
  7. Azerbaijan
  8. Ukraine
  9. The Netherlands
  10. Romania
  11. Slovenia
  12. Ireland
  13. Bulgaria (wildcard)
  14. Cyprus
  15. Croatia
  16. Georgia
  17. Turkey


The draw ended today with the finalists - Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Host Country, Norway - getting their starting positions. The results of the draw are given below.

  1. Semi-Final Qualifier
  2. Spain
  3. Norway
  4. Semi-Final Qualifier
  5. Semi-Final Qualifier
  6. Semi-Final Qualifier
  7. Semi-Final Qualifier
  8. Semi-Final Qualifier
  9. Semi-Final Qualifier
  10. Semi-Final Qualifier
  11. Semi-Final Qualifier
  12. United Kingdom
  13. Semi-Final Qualifier
  14. Semi-Final Qualifier
  15. Semi-Final Qualifier
  16. Semi-Final Qualifier
  17. Semi-Final Qualifier
  18. France
  19. Semi-Final Qualifier
  20. Semi-Final Qualifier
  21. Semi-Final Qualifier
  22. Germany (wildcard)
  23. Semi-Final Qualifier
  24. Semi-Final Qualifier
  25. Semi-Final Qualifier

That was the Draw of the Running order for the 55th edition of Europe's favourite TV-show. Also, the order in which the spokespeople will reveal the votes of every country was determined in Oslo. Romania will start the exciting process, followed by Ireland, Germany, Serbia, Albania, Turkey, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Slovenia, Estonia, Russia, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Greece, Iceland, Denmark, France, Spain, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Cyprus, Lithuania, Belarus, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Israel, FYR Macedonia, Moldova, Georgia, Sweden and the last country to announce their votes will be Armenia.

The first Semi-Final will be held on the 25th of May, followed by the second Semi-Final on the 27th of May and the Grand Final on the 29th of May.