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Opening Party of Oslo 2010 brings orchestra

19 February 2010 at 16:01 CET

If last year all the guests of the Eurovision Song Contest were invited to the Eurodom, located near tge Kremlin, in the Manezh, then this year the place for the event is equally glamorous. Namely, the Opening Party is going to be held in the City Hall of Oslo. 

The organisers also revealed some parts of what can be expected from the evening. NRK promised a lot of entertainment and performances. But one of the biggest surprises this year is to have the Radio Orchestra there, on the spot!

It'll all take place on the 23rd of May, just before the first Dress Rehearsals start.

The Opening Party is a traditional event during the so-called Euroweeks when the rehearsals of all the participants of the Eurovision Song Contest take place. It welcomes all guests of the event and usually is held under the patronage of the Host City mayor.