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How to host an online Eurovision Home Party

11 May 2020 at 12:00 CEST
Celebrating Eurovision at home Twitter account of @MrGrybovsky
The Eurovision 2020 parties must go on! Despite calls on the public to remain at home during the pandemic, there is no reason why your Eurovision Home Party should be any less fantastic. Let's make it one to remember!

There is no party like a Eurovision party and 2020 will be no different. The spirit of Eurovision lives on and there are many special shows and alternative broadcasts to choose from, including:

Hosting from home will take a unique turn this year and while some fans will be able to enjoy the viewing with those they live with or in small groups, some will be stuck at home by themselves. Although watching Eurovision at home alone or online is a new situation for some, many fans around the world have been celebrating the Contest like this for years!

For example, Pol Roca on Twitter watched Eurovision 2019 in Japan.

And this fan tuned in all the way from Columbia!

Leave it up to the loyal and enthusiastic fans of Eurovision to ensure that the celebrations will never stop! Online party plans for 2020 are surely underway already, so how does one host a Eurovision Home Party online? Let's go over the basics first.

Turn your room into a Eurovision wonderland.

If there are no flags, disco balls, colourful curtains and glitter-soaked decorations displayed throughout your house, then did your Eurovision party ever really happen? Completely overhauling your room and turning it into an over-the-top, colourful masterpiece is arguably one of the most important parts of hosting a Eurovision party. Think: balloons, party-poppers, bedazzled table cloths and more. Don't be shy - feel free to decorate everything in sight. Literally, everything...

But beware! You may wish to pack away any breakable items or prized possessions as Eurovision parties are known to get a little bit messy.

Dress to impress

If you are going to all the trouble of decorating your house, then one must decorate themselves too. Previous Eurovision party-goers have dressed up as their favourite Eurovision participants from the past, mimicked their country's current representative's outfits, adorned their nation's traditional clothing, or alternatively donned whatever tickles their creative fancy on the night.

Like this:

Or this:

Perhaps, now you have more time to make your own costumes by hand:

Whatever option you choose will surely delight your fellow online party-goers.

Let them eat cake... and other food

What’s a party without food and drinks? Not a very fun one that’s for sure!

Why not get into the spirit of Eurovision by organising a variety of international treats to really set the mood. To represent the Eurovision 2020 delegates you can include a selection of French pastries, fry up some Dutch bitterballen or get your hands on some Turkish delights!

A smörgåsbord could cover all your food bases, like the one pictured here:

You might like to practice your baking skills too by creating something like this:

Cake for 1 anyone?

Let's not forget about the drinks though. Beverages are equally as important in the celebration of Eurovision, particularly if you get a dry throat from all that singing a-long. Try making some of your own European-inspired drinks to get the party going. If you have a sweet-tooth you can create the Russian Kompot which has stewed fruit and rich syrup or the Spanish horchata, a sweet and creamy drink made of rice, almonds, and sugar.

You can even pour your drink into the Eurovision 2020 mug:

Finding it difficult to choose what to have at your Eurovision Home Party? Check out our Eurovision Party Package for 2020 with all the essentials you need.

Stay connected

The group viewing experience of Eurovision is truly unique. Although you may be partying in isolation in 2020 you can still sync your online viewing of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light with your friends and family for the ultimate broadcast experience.

Audiences are now finding new ways to gather together from all around the world to connect through music, albeit digitally. For example, a fan organised watch-a-long initiative #Eurovisionagain via Twitter allows viewers who are watching previous Eurovision Song Contests on YouTube to discuss the show as it happens, together.

You can also make your Eurovision online experience interactive, including games and activities, like this group did in 2019:

If you haven't planned anything yet, invite your fellow Eurovision enthusiasts to an online party using the, now very widely available, online technologies and watch Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light together on 16 May. You can find out when and where your country will broadcast this special show here.

Let us know how you will host your Eurovision Home Party online in the comments below!