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One more song joins the Spanish final

12 February 2013 at 13:17 CET

After one week of online voting the third finalist song in Spain has just been announced. These were the two songs for consideration and the percentage of votes they got:

So the line-up for the Spanish final now looks like this:

The authors of all the songs are ESDM - El Sueño De Morfeo themselves: David Feito, Raquel del Rosario and Juan Suárez. Atrévete has a catchy chorus and inherits the optimistic spirit of some of the early successes of the group also introducing new sounds like the banjo. ESDM recognize influences in this song from Mumford & Sons, one of the top bands of the moment and recent winners of the Grammy Award for Album of the year.

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Contigo Hasta El Final brings out the romantic side of the group. A musical journey of emotions that goes from an epic introduction, bagpipe player include, leading to a rockier theme that evoques a romantic intimate scenery, and climaxing to a powerful end. If you are more of the ballad type, this will be your song.

 The three songs fit the Eurovision purpose. We now have to keep working on the stage presentations

The band describe Dame Tu Voz as "a call for unity, to unite our voices and bring a message of hope, especially considering the times. Where there's a will there's a way and together we will succeed". This song has more room for electronic elements, a new feature on the ESDM sound.

The national final of Spain takes place on Tuesday the 26th of February at the TVE studios in Barcelona. In the show, the band will perform three songs and the Spanish Television viewers along with a professional jury will choose the winner.