One more out from Greek final

One song was already disqualified, the one by Katerina Avgustakis and called Enjoy The Day because it had been leaked to the internet. Now, another one followed - Eleftheria Eleftheriou's Tables Are Turning.

This all means, seven acts will be in the Greek final this year, given below.

  • Christos Hatzinasios - Illusion
  • Sunny Baltzis & Second Skin - Game Of Life
  • Manos Pyrovolakis - Kivotos Tou Noe (Noah's Arc)
  • George Alkaios & Friends - OPA
  • George Karadimos - Polemao (Fight)
  • Melisses - Kinesos (Chinese)
  • Émigré - Touch Me Deep Inside

Last year the Greek participant was already chosen weeks after the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. It was revealed then it'd be the superstar Sakis Rouvas. His song was chosen then early 2009. Greece finished at a respectable seventh place with the chosen song This Is Our Night in Moscow.

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