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United Kingdom 2024: Olly Alexander drops the music video for 'Dizzy'

01 March 2024 at 09:00 CET
Olly Alexander will represent the United Kingdom at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Richie Talboy
The artist Olly Alexander has launched his brand-new single 'Dizzy', the song that will be representing the United Kingdom in May at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden.

"Take my hand and spin me..."; you're invited to take in all of the dizzying depictions in the music video for Olly Alexander's Dizzy, over on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel. 

The song, which was released in the early hours of Friday 1 March, will be the British entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

About his magnum opus for Malmö, Olly Alexander says: 

“I wrote the song last summer with Danny L Harle, we started off with the word ‘Dizzy’ because it just popped into my head and I liked it. I was thinking about fun things that could make you dizzy and I remember saying “dizzy from your kisses” so the song is about feeling such an intense swell of emotion for someone they totally turn your world upside down and inside out."

And if you thought you'd picked up on an undulating arpeggio or three on your first listen, you'd be absolutely correct - for that's precisely what Olly talks about, too!

"Danny and I believe music should transport you somewhere magical and we wanted to describe this magical place in the song; a place of beautiful gardens, eternal flowers and time turning endlessly in an ecstatic loop. We took the feeling of Dizziness and put that into the production, so there’s a lot of undulating arpeggios, lilting harmonies and counter rhythms in the backing vocals. We were inspired by a lot of music we love from the '80s, like Erasure, Adamski and of course Pet Shop Boys.”

Dizzy marks a dynamic new era from Olly Alexander. Across three hugely successful albums, the singer, actor and fashion icon has scored two #1 UK albums, 10 UK Top 40 singles and was recently awarded the BRIT Billion Award (with 6.5 billion streams globally).

Dizzy is written by Olly and producer Danny L Harle, and the music video was directed by Colin Solal Cardo.