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Ole Yde designs the presenter's dresses

01 May 2014 at 15:16 CEST

Black, silver, stone and lace. That's how Lise Rønne will be dressed next week when she guides the 180 million television viewers through the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Below you can see her along her co-hosts Nikolaj Koppel and Pilou Asbæk.

It is the Danish designer Ole Yde who is behind not just one dress, but as many as five different creations for the television hostess. "I love everything that Ole does. He is insanely talented and something unique. I am both proud and honoured to be dressed with his designs", says Lise Rønne.

An absolute pleasure

35 -year-old Ole Yde is the only Dane represented at the French fashion week's official calendar. His clothes have been in international fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle Magazine. 

He has created the Eurovision Song Contest dresses in collaboration with the French lace company Sophie Hallette. You can see a sample of one of the creations above.

"It's been a really exciting project to work on the dresses for Lise and I had no doubts that I'd love to take the job when I was asked if I was interested". He has made dresses for Lise before "and it has always been an absolute pleasure", says Ole Yde.

Other designers in the shows

Asger Juel Larsen is behind the clothes for the dancers in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. The 31-year-old designer and DR's costume department have created the costumes for the 20 permanent dancers in this year's shows.

He also designs the dress that last year's winner Emmelie de Forest will wear in the first Semi-Final on the 6th of May while Nikoline Liv Andersen has designed her dress for the Final.