Now we have to make it true!

Wouter van Vliet, not only a dedicated Eurovision Song Contest fan but also a fantastic programmer, built the entire back-end of the new website. With the expansion of the Eurovision Family with the Dance Contest, it was only a logic step to start working on one login for the websites of the Eurovision Song Contest, Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the Eurovision Dance Contest. That's how MyEurovision was born. Currently, MyEurovision is only linked to, but in the course of 2008 the other two websites will be relaunched. The only step we couldn't take (yet) was to make MyEurovision work for the merchandising shop, for which you will need a seperate shop account. However, we will continue to improve the website.

Members of MyEurovision receive our weekly mailing, breaking news updates and soon we will be launching some really exciting new features for subscribed members. If you didn't subscribe yet, follow this link to do so right away!  

Our very own Andreas Schacht spent his days (and nights, believe me!) on reviewing the history database of Andreas is not ashamed of being referred to as the 'Eurovision encyclopedia' (although last year in Helsinki, he didn't recall who came last in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest Final). All Andreas knows is now accessible through the history section of the website.

Until the 17th of March, we will be focussing on the national selections across Europe and the selected participants. With comprehensive reports, interviews, photos, videos, occasional live streams and of course this blog, we will inform and entertain a broad audience in the lead up to Belgrade. For the most dedicated fans we launched Europe Selects 2008, the national selection centre of  

We had a great time building this new website for you. Now we have to make it true... I hope to have you with us!

Sietse Bakker is Project Manager Internet of the Eurovision Family events.

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