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Now confirmed - Patricia Kaas to represent France!

30 January 2009 at 12:33 CET

The French broadcaster France Télévisions revealed today that the rumors of Kaas' participation are true. Her song will be presented on 9th of February in special show.

Kaas is one of the most successful French-speaking singers in the world. Stylistically her music is not classical chanson, but is closer to a mixture of pop music, jazz and chanson.

Since the appearance of her debut album Mademoiselle Chante… in 1988 Kaas has sold 16 million records worldwide. She had her greatest success in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Russia, Finland, and Korea with her third album Je Te Dis Vous. In 2002 Kaas had her film debut in And Now... Ladies And Gentlemen beside Jeremy Irons. 

She follows the steps of another successful French artist, Sebastian Tellier who represented his country at Europe's favorite TV-show in Belgrade last year with his song Divine and achieved the 19th place. It went on to become a hit all over Europe.

Kaas is automatically qualified for the final of the contest as France is a part of the so-called Big Four together with the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany.