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Not a cliché performance for Basim

04 May 2014 at 14:25 CEST

Basim was, as always, in a good mood and smiling backstage. He was being interviewed by Australian broadcaster, SBS, where he talked about how it feels to represent his country on home turf, and also talked about his recent stint in the musical Grease

His manager was, however, very keen to keep him focused on his rehearsal so it wasn't long before he was whisked off to his in-ear rehearsal and soundcheck. 

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Before Basim even got on stage something was noticeable about the presentaiton of the song: a crane winched what looked to be a rolled up piece of material. Could this be similar to the Danish flag that dropped during his Dansk Melodi Grand Prix performance back in March? 

The Danish stage presentation very much focuses on Basim and his entourage on stage: two dancers, and three backing singers come supporting artists. The dominant colours on stage are reds, oranges and whites with strobe lights flashing gently from the big LED wall right at the back of the huge stage. 

Basim and all of his backing singers appear on stage in their costumes for the big night, with basim in a black suit with a black bow tie. His dancers and backing singers are similarly dressed providing a visual consistency on stage and the big screen. 

The atmosphere being felt from the presentation is almost one of a 70s disco song and the camera angles focus a lot on Basim and his on stage support and choreography, which is very well-timed and executed perfectly. Vocally, there was a strong performance from all on stage and Basim appeared confident during all aspects of his performance. 

During the last run-through, the aforementioned flag/banner was released, but instead of a Danish flag, it bore an image of Basim and the text "LOVE". 

Denmark, as the host country, will perform in the Grand Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest on the 10th of May.