Nostalgic feelings for Croatia

In the first rehearsal of the Croatian representatives Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents, a lot was going on on stage during the stage performance, which featured people of three different generations. First of all, there was "75 Cents", an elderly gentleman, who was sitting on a chair in the beginning of the stage act. Later on, he stood up and walked around the stage with a walking stick. He finished the performance by scratching a record on a grammophone, just like modern hip-hoppers do it. Then there was a young female ballet dancer, standing on a pedestal and dancing. During the performance, she moved towards 75 Cents, trying to seduce him, and towards the end, she plays the chimes, consisting of water-filled bottles. In contrast to that, the middle aged band members – the lead singer, a contrabass player, and an acoustic guitar player - do not move too much on stage. The background scenery shows pigeons flying across the stage. Vocally and visually, the performance was solid and very entertaining.

Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents were chosen as the Croatian representatives in the Dora Festival, which has taken place every year since 1993. In this year’s edition, they won the top marks in the expert jury vote and the second place in the televoting. Kraljevi Ulice had already participated in the festival twice before, in 2006 and 2007, both times only narrowly missing out victory. All three of their Dora songs were of a very own distinctive style, combining nostalgic motives with modern sounds. This style was also shown in the official video clip of the song, which was recorded in black and white in a cable car in today’s Zagreb. By the way, Croatia is setting a record this year: 75 Cents will be the oldest person ever to perform on the Eurovision Song Contest stage.

In the press conference, the Croatian delegation explained that 75 Cents got his stage name because of his age: He is 75 years old at this moment. However, he showed that he is as vigorous as ever, confirming that he is still interested in young girls and showing his knowledge in the German and Russian language. The band members said that they were very satisfied with their first rehearsal and they were enjoying their stay in Belgrade so far.



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