Norwegian Eurovision veterans entertain the crowds

Last night, Norway celebrated the end of its national day with a big concert. This year, for obvious reasons, it took an interesting twist when Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest entrants, old and new, entertained the crowds in a concert held at the City Hall Square in the heart of Oslo.

The line-up included 1985 winners Bobbysocks, 2008 entrant Maria Haukaas Storeng, 1999 entrant Stig van Eijk, 2009 Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak and of course Norway's 2010 hopeful Didrik Solli-Tangen. All the artists performed at least two songs, one of which of course was their entry. The performances went down very well, especially when Bobbysocks and Alexander Rybak graced the stage with their winning songs. 

Interestingly, Didrik Solli-Tangen was accompanied on the violin by Alexander Rybak during the performance of the Norwegian entry, My Heart Is Yours. Recently, the Norwegian tabloids had suggested that the two for various reasons had fallen out, but tonights performance seemed to prove the opposite. The two were obviously intent on quashing these rumours with excellent interaction on stage and a friendly, supportive hug at the end. 

Without a doubt Bobbysocks received the biggest reaction from the crowd and it seemed like only yesterday that they graced the stage in Gothenburg, sweeping Europe off its feet with La Det Swinge in 1985. Presenter, Per Sundnes described the song as "Norway's second national anthem" when introducing Elisabeth Andreassen and Hanne Krogh, who make up Bobbysocks. 





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