Norway: "This song is really me"

"This song is really me"

Arriving in the press hall, sporting a new haircut and waving Norwegians flags, Didrik Solli-Tangen and his team made a big entrance. 

First on the agenda was talking about the Swedish participant, Anna Bergendahl and how she might be feeling today, after being knocked out of the second Semi-Final last night. Didrik said that he was sure that she was upset but hadn't had a chance to talk to her. 

The head of delegation then introduced the team of backing singers and song writers, bringing up the subject of Hanne Sørvaag and how she has two songs in the final, the other one being Georgia's Shine. 

The Norwegian tabloids had a time asking Didrik a number of awkward questions that he found difficult to answer as many were purely speculation. 

He was also asked about how he preserved his voice to which he replied, "I need a lot of rest actually in order to perform well". He also spoke about how he controlled his nervousness when going on stage but said that "It isn't necessary to be nervous all the time" so it's all about suppressing it. 

Moving on from this Didrik was asked what Alexander Rybak had advised him about his performance to which Didrik replied that he was told "to be himself and enjoy the experience". 

Talking about how he felt about the song when he first heard it he said, "This is really me". He first listened to it at his computer with Fredrik Kempe performing the demo. 

Hanne Sørvaag spoke about how the song was tailor made to suit Didrik, working within the limits of his voice and being about him as much as was possible. 

Another popular talking point was the similarity between My Heart Is Yours and the Irish entry It's For You. Didrik's reponse was, "Well maybe that makes the Irish song very good"

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