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Norway's Tooji - "It's going to be a fiery performance"

08 May 2012 at 12:43 CEST

In February a young singer known as the the Persian Prince of Norway surprised a nation when he beat the hot favourites to win the Norwegian national selection, Melodi Grand Prix. With his song Stay and a very high pace and fiery performance, he won the hearts of the Norwegian people and with that the honour of representing his country at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

"We're going to win this"

Tooji is surpringsly new to the stage, which you wouldn't think when you look at him on stage, confident with flawless dance moves. Tooji's main line of work is with the local municipality with young people who are the victims of trafficking and newly immigrated people to Norway. Tooji himself described this as "challenging but rewarding work".

On the side he discovered a talent for singing and with his outgoing, yet down to earth personality he made the perfect candidate to take part in Melodi Grand Prix 2010, where as he said, he had "nothing to lose" due to his inexperience and being the so-called "new kid on the block".

Tooji recently spoke to the Norwegian state broadcaster, NRK, about his life, his career and his plans for Baku, so why not take a look. He said that his performance will be "fiery to say the least", seeking inspiration from his Persian roots. So why not take a look at the video below.

Learn to dance with Tooji!

Just for you, Tooji has produced a video that teaches you the dance to his song Stay. Although complex in appearance, the dance has been designed so that you at home can learn it and perform parts of it along with Tooji. So get your dance shoes on, warm up and watch the video below; before you know it you will up and dancing whenever you hear the song.

Remember that Norway will take part in second Semi-Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, being held at the Baku Crystal Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan on the 24th of May. Take a look at the official preview video below:

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