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Norway: Just being here is already a fairytale

08 May 2009 at 11:38 CEST caught up with Alexander during his hectic schedule in Moscow. Alexander, can you tell us how it all started for you with regards to your musical interests?

Alexander : "Well, does it count when I first sang in front of my parents? If so, then that was when I was two and a half years old. I composed my first song when I was three, I think it was about trees or something!. The violin came when I was around five. I started to play violin and piano then. My father is a violinist and my mother a pianist, so they had kind of a fight over which one I would play!." At which age did you begin to realise you also had a talent vocally?

Alexander: "Due to my classical music interests, at school the other kids didn't think it was so cool, and I did get bullied. Because of that I started to play other genres than the classics, to try and fit in with the other kids. When I was 17 I started singing to impress the girls. Some years later, I started to blend these different genres I was playing, and that's how stuff like Fairytale began to unfold." Your biography also states that you have an upcoming role in a film in the summer. Is this the first time you have made the crossover in to acting? What role will you be playing in this film?

Alexander: "Well, i'm not really starring in this film. It's just a small role in fact. The part I will play is that of a gipsy. My father will be played by Morten Harket, of Aha fame. It's a very small role, and for me that's perfect. I still don't know if i'm a good actor, so it's good to find out this way without destroying any large movie!" "What do you hope to gain personally from your participation in the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you have an agenda in your own mind of what success looks like for you in Moscow?

Alexander: "I am proud already, to be wearing the Norwegian flag on my chest and representing my country in this huge event.That's already a dream come true. From a personal point of view, of course it would be nice to have this platform to try and promote my music beyond Norway's borders. Having said that, I will have to switch on my sixth sense, to decide which countries will like my kind of songs and where I should promote. I have no expectations. In Norway every second person on the street recognises me, and wants to have a picture. I love it and never get tired of it. I don't know if that will happen in Moscow. I don't know how popular the contest is there, but in Norway it's huge." "What are your impressions of Moscow so far? Have you heard any of the other competition you are up against? Have you earmarked any songs as personal favourites?

Alexander: " Well, it's not my first time in Moscow. I've been here twice before. It is my favourite city along with New York City. I love the Russian culture, art and history. I love the way Moscow manages to hold on to that culture, yet at the same time is a modern European city. As for the other entries, I really like the songs of Ukraine and Turkey." would like to thank Alexander Rybak for taking time out to talk with us in Moscow.

Watch Alexanders greeting below