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Norway: "It feels good to be close to home"

29 April 2014 at 18:25 CEST

In his first rehearsal today, Carl Espen was accompanied by a piano player and four violinists who were standing on a sloped pedestal. Artificial smoke covered the stage floor in the beginning of the stage act, removed by a Silent Storm created by the wind machines when the chorus was on.

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The cameras caught the nostalgic atmosphere of the song very well, changing between wide shots from above the stage to close-ups of Carl. At the same time, while the song progresses, the light scenery builds up from just a spotlight on the main singer to a brighter image during the final chorus. In the end, it's back to the dark setting, with all lights centred on Carl Espen.

Eurovision close to home

Before their first rehearsal, we met Carl Espen and songwriter Josefin Winther backstage - you can watch our short video interview below:

Carl also told us more about the big tattoo on his right arm: "It was my very first colour tattoo, and it was done by a close friend of mine." He also admitted that he can't wait to go on stage, while Josefin  added that it felt like a big plus for her that Eurovision is not only very close to home, but also held in such a beautiful city.

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With his powerful ballad Silent Storm, Carl Espen has quickly conquered the hearts of his fans in Norway. Next week, we shall find out if his success story continues on a European level.