Norway: Espen Hana and Publiners take last two final slots

Over the past three weekends, the Norwegian televoters had voted through a total of six songs over three Semi-Finals directly to the Norwegian national final.

The six songs which had finished in third and fourth place in the Semi-Finals, together with two wildcards who finished outside of the top four in the Semi-Finals contested tonights last chance saloon. The first addiditional wildcard was given to the act  which gained  the most televotes and SMS votes in the Semi-Finals despite finishing outside the top four. This was KeSera  with their song Party. The second wildcard was awarded by the readers of, who chose Foxy and their song Do it again.

The eight songs were divided in to pairs and played off against each other in a Quarter Final head to head duel, a system that has been used in the Swedish Melodifestival second chance round in the past. The four remaining songs then fought it out in a Semi-Final head to head duel for the remaining two places. (Winners of duels in bold)

Duel 1: KeSera - Party  vs Espen Hana - Two of a Kind
Duel 2: Janni Santillan - Yesterday  vs Surferosa - U look good
Duel 3: Sunny - Carrie  vs Publiners - Te Stein
Duel 4: Foxy - Do it again  vs Jane Helen - Shuffled

In the final duels the results were as follows (Winners in bold) :-

Espen Hana - Two of a Kind vs Surferosa - U look good
Publiners - Te stein vs Jane Helen - Shuffled

Espen Hana and Publiners will now join the other six finalists and will compete for the Norwegian ticket to Moscow next Saturday in Oslo, in the Spektrum theatre, the same venue which hosted the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest

The ultimate winner of the Norwegian final will take part in the Second Semi-Final of Europe's favourite TV show in Moscow on Thursday the 14th of May.

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