Norway: Elegance on home turf

Norway's second rehearsal took place at the Telenor Arena in Oslo today where Didrik Solli-Tangen performed his entry My Heart Is Yours in front of a crowd of enthusiastic crew and press who had come to see the host country's representative perform. 

Much like the first rehearsal the stage was draped with a light maroon fabric and was softly lit from behind. Didrik and the backing singers were dressed elegantly, which really accentuates the operatic stylings of the song, My Heart Is Yours.

At the start of the performance, Didrik sings unaccompanied under a spotlight. As the song builds, the stage is slowly lit up revealing five incredibly well-dressed backing singers who really lift up the song with their soft yet robust vocals. The backing singers then reposition themselves during the song to deliver a powerful finish together with Didrik.

Vocally, Didrik was very strong as usual. The power of his voice can however be difficult to sustain, so it is to his credit that he managed to do it so many times without any significant problems. 

Visually the only differences on stage seemed to be the backing singer's clothing, which had changed to individual outfits as opposed to a uniform purple style that was seen at the first rehearsal.


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