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Norway calls for songs for new format selection

03 July 2013 at 16:33 CEST
Margaret Berger reached Norway's best result since 2009 in Malmö EBU

The Norwegian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest or Melodi Grand Prix has become enshrined in the collective cultural heritage of Norway since it first appeared on television screens in 1960.

In that time it has gone through many changes, the most recent of which was in 2006 when the semi-final format was launched. Subsequent minor adjustments have helped keep the event fresh and contemporary but now NRK are looking to completely relaunch and revolusionise this popular TV and musical extravaganza.

A breathtaking final with a big build-up

In May, NRK announced that they are looking to do away with the semi-final shows and instead focus on making the music and good songs stand out even more.

Although keen to keep their cards close to their chests, the production team at NRK have revealed that they are working on a new model where a number of programs will function as a build-up to a magnificent Grand Final at the Oslo Spektrum arena.

"Surprise us"

Vivi Stenberg, Norway's very own music-guru, is in charge of finding the right songs to take part in Melodi Grand Prix. After a very successful 4th place for Margaret Berger in Malmö, she knows exactly what she is looking for for 2014:

"I want good songs that reflect the music genres we like to listen to in Norway. I hope to be suprised so please think up something new and exciting", she encourages.

She is also very keen for people not think they have to write a typical "Eurovision song".

When talking about the upcoming changes to the Melodi Grand Prix format, Vivi Stenberg said:

"We will endeavour to tell more of a story around those who are participating so that the viewers can become much better acquainted with whoever is standing on stage and the individual entries. It is going to be very exciting but at the same time scary to make changes to something that has existed for over 50 years. We approach this task with reverence but that just makes it even more fun!"

Submit your song

NRK do not hide the fact that they would prefer Norwegian composers and songwriters to submit their entries but any submission from abroad is very welcome.

You can find out more about entering Melodi Grand Prix 2014 on NRK's website, where English instructions are also available.

All entries must be submitted by the 15th of September.

The winner of Melodi Grand Prix next year will have the honour of representing Norway at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark, which is currently slated to take place on the 13th, 15th and 17th of May.