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Norway: All Melodi Grand Prix participants in place

Posted 16 December 2011 at 13:35

NRK have taken a slightly different approach to next year's national selection, or Melodi Grand Prix as it is fondly known as. No longer will there be a second chance round and instead a series of special programs will be shown, going behind the scenes like never before.

A diverse group of artists.

Unlike previous years, NRK have chosen to gradually release the names of the artists so as to arouse interest and keep people talking. Now that the final three artists are in place we have a full line up of 24 acts.
The final line up is:
  • Cocktail Slippers
  • Håvard Lothe Band
  • Irresistible
  • Isabel Ødegård
  • Kim André Rysstad
  • Lisa Stokke
  • Lise Karlsnes
  • Malin Reitan
  • Marthe Valle
  • Minnie Oh
  • Nora Foss Al-Jabri
  • Petter Øien
  • Plumbo
  • Reidun Sæther
  • Rikke Lie
  • Rikke Normann
  • Rudi Myntevik
  • Silya Nymoen
  • The Canoes
  • The Carburetors
  • Tommy Fredvang
  • Tooji Kestkar
  • United
  • Yaseen Asher & Julie Maria Dahl
Some of the song titles have been released already but we will reveal them as soon as NRK release them to us.

Three semi-finals

As mentioned above, there will be three semi finals where three artists will qualify for the final to be held in Oslo in February. Here are the dates and locations:
Semi Final 1
Date: 21st January Location: Brekstad, Sør Trøndelag Arena: Ørland Hovedflystasjon
Semi Final 2
Date: 28th January Location: Larvik, Vestfold Arena: Arena Larvik
Semi Final 3
Date: 4th February Location: Florø, Sogn og Fjordane Arena: Florø Idrettssenter
Date: 11th February Location: Oslo Arena: Oslo Spektrum
Whoever wins next year's Melodi Grand Prix will have earned the right to represent Norway at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan on the 22nd, 24th and 26th of May.
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