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Northern Lights to lit Semi-Final One

While last year's winner, Loreen, will be the opening act of tonight's Semi-Final with a very special performance of Euphoria, the interval act will feature other Swedish talents in a show called Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights

The mystery and the beauty of Scandinavia and the Nordic countries can easily be portrayed through the Northern Lights. This is one of the most beautiful phenomenon of lights you can experience.

The Northern Lights are created when electric particles from space (mostly from the sun) fall towards the earth's atmosphere. They gain more energy when they collide with the atmosphere's atoms. When they release the extra energy, the light we see as Northern Lights is created. When the particles come from space, they follow the earth's magnetic fields. That's why you only see the Northern Lights up North. It was only in the last 100 years that scientists were able to understand what causes this beautiful spectacle.

The interval act

The interval act begins in a frozen state that starts to come alive when the Northen Lights sweeps into the arena. Different energies will illustrate the power behind the beautiful light and let it shine through magically.

The music is written by one of Sweden's most notable composers, Andreas Kleerup. He has worked with succesful artists, such as Robyn, Lykke Li, Titiyo and Loreen. His artistry makes him the perfect candidate to set music to the Northern Lights. His talent ranges from pop to classical music and he creates exciting meetings.

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Northern Lights is created by one of Sweden's most succesful choreographers, Fredrik Rydman. He is educated at the Ballet Academy in Stockholm and is one of the founders of the Bounce Streetdance Company that developed into Sweden's most popular dance company. Fredrik also created the Michael Jackson tribute, Flash Mob, together with two of his Bounce colleagues - a Youtube clip that was spread worldwide. His Swan Lake-reloaded (a streetdance version of the classical ballet) is a major hit in Germany and Switzerland this spring. London, Paris and Moscow are next on the European tour. He has been the creative director and choreographer for the Swedish X-factor; it was Fredrik who created Eric Saade's performance of Popular with the much discussed broken glass. Popular ended up on 3rd place in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.