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Nordic chill and passion for Margaret

Backstage, the Norwegian delegation was in good spirits laughing with each other and enjoying the experience of being at the Eurovision Song Contest. 

When Margaret appeared from her dressing room, it was obvious that her dress had been altered since the Norwegian national final. It is still white but has additions to the shoulders and further sequins added. We recommend taking a look at the gallery below to get a real impression of what it looks like up close! 

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On stage Margaret's performance is quite similar to the Norwegian final, making full use of the stage's array of features including the many spotlights and many shades of blue and white adding to the chiling nature of her song I Feed You My Love

The song is very modern in its sound, appearance and lyrics and the stage does well to reflect this, and Margaret uses her experience to express this very effectively in her vocals and body language on stage. 

Many have described I Feed You My Love as a very Nordic song, icy in nature and chilling to the core but at the same time very passionate. The blue icicles hanging above the stage almost seem to have been designed with this song in mind. 

There were some sound issues at the beginning of the rehearsal but when it came to the final run-through these appeared to have been rectified. Margaret will rehearse again on Saturday. 

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Following the rehearsals, Margaret Berger then travelled to the Euroclub to meet and greet the fans and press at the Euroclub.

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