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Nodi & Sophie: "Waterfall is a symbol for big love"

16 May 2013 at 19:58 CEST How do you feel now, just hours before the Semi-Final? How did all your rehearsals go?

Nodi: We think that our rehearsal was good mainly because we had great sound, and that's the most important thing for singers. We think that all will be great tonight too.

Sophie: Everything was on a professional level - we've basically liked everything, the sound, the lights. We've felt a lot of positive energy from the audience. Waterfall is quite an unusual title for a love song.

Sophie: Waterfall is a symbol for big love, and not only romance, but all of the love you feel for your family and friends. It underlines the strength of the feeling.

This content is unfortunately no longer available How do you translate that meaning into the stage performance?

Nodi: We've opted for a very minimalistic approach because the song itself is strong enough. The song and its lyrics expresses strong emotions, feelings - it doesn't need a huge stage act. 

Sophie: Maybe some people would expect pyrotechnical effects and dancers but that would not be our style. We wanted to keep it simple. Your song was written by Thomas G:son, last year's winning composer of Euphoria. How did this cooperation take shape?

Nodi: The reason why we chose Thomas G:son was his experience and his attitude, and of course the insight he has as a composer about Eurovision - not just the fact that he won last year. It was very professional and enjoyable to work with him. What is your musical background? Have you performed together before or did you meet just for Eurovision?

Sophie: We are good friends and we share many great experiences from performing together. I feel very comfortable when we are on stage together, and we will definitely continue that after Eurovision.

Nodi: We really love performing together - we already did that many times before. For example, we share an unforgettable experience when we sang a duet at a talent show, Georgian Idol, and we performed at festivals too. Is Waterfall in your usual musical style, or do you generally perform different typres of songs?

Nodi: It is our style - I'd call it "academical pop." When we discussed which style our Eurovision song should have, we agreed that it should be pop but serious at the same time.

Sophie: Of course we also perform different kinds of songs in Georgia, for example traditional folk music. But for Eurovision, we chose Waterfall as our visiting card. What are your expectations in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest?

Nodi: We are now totally focused on tonight, we wish to be successful. Only after that we want to think about Saturday.

Sophie: We will try to conquer everyone's hearts, and we'll try to do our best tonight.

Today has been declared a day of mourning in Georgia after three Georgian soldiers died three days ago. Nodi & Sophie express their condolences, and they dedicate today's performance to them.