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'No other music event like this', Sergej says

09 July 2014 at 12:10 CEST

It’s two months since this year’s Eurovision Song Contest journey in Denmark, that we were all a part of ended. Do you miss all the euphoria, energy and creative chaos? You do have many years of experience behind you, but still any symptoms or side effects of Post Eurovision Depression (PED)?

I was so occupied with the Eurovision Song Contest, a lot of months before coming to Copenhagen. Focusing on the song and my performance. So, sure it’s impossible just to switch off and not to be euphoric anymore, at least for a while.

That Eurovision euphoria is still there in a way, because I still think about all what happened, going through all those impressions from one of the biggest music competitions in the world I was part of. But to be honest, after the Eurovision Song Contest, I had to deal with other projects. I was not really able to deal with all those impressions. Still, what I can say for sure, it was an amazing, unforgettable atmosphere and experience for me.

Now that is all behind us, among all the things, what did you enjoy most and would you suggest your colleagues (artists from Montenegro) to try their luck as well and feel that euphoric atmosphere on their own?

I would definitely suggest to all my colleagues, to go for it and experience Eurovision by themselves. The whole event, including production and organisation is on the highest level. It’s absolutely amazing what attention this competition gets. There’s no other music event like this, so you cannot even compare it with anything else.

What I’ve learned while being there is, no matter how hard sometimes it can be or how complicated it can get, you always have to love your job, to enjoy it and smile. I was blown away by enthusiasm and professionalism I saw there. People were positive all the time. Everything was so perfect, that I still don’t have right words to explain it.

If you would be in a position to take part again, would you do it? Not necessarily as a performer, maybe writing a song for an artist from your or some other neighbouring country?

As an author, definitely! But to be honest, it is too early to express any explicit thought about it, in this very moment. I’m glad I took part, but would I really do it again and in what form, I can’t really say that for sure, at least not now. Let’s deal with the impressions first. In any case, my answer would be: never say never!

While watching your performance in Copenhagen, do you ever have thoughts about doing certain things differently, if you could?

That’s a tough one. I was working at least six months on the song Moj Svijet. At the same time, there were always some new, creative ideas. But at some point, I had to stop that process, in order to record the final version of the song.

In other words, there are always some creative thoughts, taking you away, in the world of imagination. And there is no end to that. But if you wondering, am I completely satisfied with the performance in Copenhagen, my answer is, yes I am. Including the reaction from the audience. As my dear colleague Zdravko Čolić (who represented Yugoslavia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973) would say: "I wouldn’t really touch anything there."

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What’s coming up next? Any projects, songs your working on at the moment?

Right now, I’m on the tour, together with my band, as I’m still promoting my album called 2 Minutes (2 minuta). That means, concerts are in the focus at the moment. But I’m also getting ready for going in the studio again. I’m preparing my sixth studio album at the same time. Nevertheless, before that I’m surely find some time for a short break, after all the work this year.

Did you have time to hang out with some artists from other countries, while being in Denmark? Any plans, ideas or wishes about working with some of the Eurovision Song Contest colleagues?

Yes, I met many of them and that was another great thing, being able to talk about different experiences and just to hang out as well. Somehow spontaneously I spent most of the time with Aram from Armenia. We have some similar thoughts about music. I invited him to be my guest and to perform at some of my concerts in the Balkan countries. He offered the same. At the same time, I could say, if some interesting song appears, we might even do a song together. We will see.

The highlight of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest for your country is finally qualifying for the Final, after so many attempts. What is the feeling, knowing that you made it possible?

I’m really glad we have made it to the Final. People in Montenegro have respect for the Eurovision Song Contest and they see it as a really big music competition. This year it was even more excited as we really had a strong competition. That makes are success even more significant.

Among all the Eurovision Song Contest entries we had this years, is there any you still listen or even sing spontaneously?

There are actually few songs that I really liked. But I wouldn’t really like to pick just one.

Than let’s rephrase the question: what about the greatest Eurovision song of all time? You must have a favourite.

Well, considering the success they achieved after attending the Eurovision Song Contest, my choice would be ABBA and Waterloo.