No one can take away the fun from Lucia!

Tomorrow, Sunday the 1st of May, the rehearsals begin in Düsseldorf but before we start our reports from the Arena, we're still missing one preview article, Spain.

A lucky number

Spain was picked as a wildcard in the draw for the order of appeareance earlier in March and so, their Head of Delegation, Mr. Federico Llano was able to choose the starting position in the Final for the Spanish entry and he went for number 22, last year's winning position for Germany.

Lucia Perez from Galicia, in the Northwest of Spain, hopes that this will bring her luck but no matter if she wins like Lena or not, no one will take the fun away from her, as she claims in her song. She prefers to take advantage of this experience, her biggest professional involvement so far, and enjoy it as much as she can.

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Five albums released

When she was barely 17, Lucia Pérez won her first TV contest and in 2003 she recorded her first album, which received the Galician Gold Disc Award. In the spring of 2005 she obtained the first prize in the Galician Soloist Pop Album awards. At the end of that same year she released her second album and travelled to Chile to represent Spain in the Viña del Mar Song Festival, where she came second while her song Amarás Miña Terra was selected for the Spanish Music Awards as one of the finalists for the Best Song in Galician award. In 2008, her third album was released simultaneously in Spain and Chile, where she toured extensively to promote it. She had such a good experience in the Viña del Mar Song Festival in Chile that in 2009 she took part in the contest again.

In early 2010 she released her fourth album, recorded entirely in the Galician language and now, to include Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao (No One Can Take The Fun Away From Me) she just released the fifth, already in the charts under the name Cruzo Los Dedos (Fingers Crossed), which is what all of Spain will do for her on Saturday the 14th of May in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The happy song, written by Rafael Artesero, has been revamped to include the sound of pipes, a tradition from her native Galicia. Artesero already wrote two entries for Andorra in the contest back in 2005 and 2006.

Spain was represented by Daniel Diges in Oslo last year and came in 15th place in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Lucia wil try to emulate Spain's two winners of the competition Massiel and Salome who won in 1968 and 1969 respectively.

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