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No major changes for Israel second time around

17 May 2012 at 17:30 CEST
Izabo performed 'Time' in Baku in 2012 EBU

Backstage, prior to their second rehearsal, Israel's Izabo found time to relax in their dressing room. The youngest ever person to have an official accreditation, Eli Ram Tov, the daughter of keyboard player Shiri was with the group, you can see her in our backstage gallery below.

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Kisses at the beginning and end!

The staging was very similar to the first rehearsal with some directional changes with the camera shots. At the start of the song, keyboard player and vocalist Shiri kisses lead singer Ram on the cheek before moving back behind the keyboard.

Izabo have four members on stage, and as with the first run through, a male and female backing vocalist begin off stage, but join the band later during the performance, and clinch in an embrace and kiss at the last part of the song.

The LED backdrop needed no changes, and is very effective with a rotating clock and stop watches, and a background of large cog wheels.

The Israeli delegation seemed much happier with their second rehearsal.

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Inspiration from Salvador Dali

Israel did not hold a press conference after their first rehearsal, so Izabo met the press today for the first time. Joining the group on stage was little Eli, lead vocalist Ran and keyboard player Shiri's five month old daughter.

"The background was inspired by Salvador Dali, we took all of the images dealing with time, and the classic artist who dealt about time was Dali so he was the inspiration yes."

When asked about the meaning of the groups name Izabo, the group explained "It was the name of Michelle Pfeiffer in the film Ladyhawke, Lady Isabeau. Shiri liked that name and took it for the name of the band, with a different spelling."

Tel Aviv would host if Israel won

The Head of Delegation and Head of Press were asked if they believed Israel had a chance of winning in Baku. They replied "We count on the viewers and we hope for the best. We know there are problems with juries where countries buy votes. We do not buy points. We play fair.  We would be pleased to host it if we did win, this time Tel Aviv would be the place we would hold it. Last time you enjoyed Jerusalem, so we want to win just to have you as guests in Tel Aviv!."

Izabo were asked if they had found time to explore Baku yet. They said "The Crystal Hall is marvellous, and from what we have seen, the hospitality is great in Baku. We haven't had chance to explore the city because of the tight security, but the volunteers here have been amazing, very accomodating."

The press conference closed with Izabo singing a chorus of their 2012 entry Time, after which they went off to take photographs with the press.

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