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Nina Sublatti - A "Warrior" for feminism and honesty

12 May 2015 at 19:20 CEST
From a successful model to one of Georgia's most popular singers - that briefly sums up Nina Sublatti's story. The fact that she is a very strong woman who fights for feminism, Georgian traditions, and honesty is well expressed in her 2015 Eurovision Song Contest entry Warrior. Today she rehearsed it for the first time in the Wiener Stadthalle. Check out our live coverage!
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Dark and Powerful

In today's first Georgian rehearsal, Nina Sublatti performed in a skimpy black costume and leather boots. To fit the Warrior image, she was wearing a crown and traditional jewellery.

On the screens only Nina herself is visible, not her backing vocalists. Behind her a column of artificial smoke rises, and on the LED background dark clouds and lightnings are displayed. Later on, wings and eyes filled with tears are shown. All in all it's a very dark and powerful act which is very confidently performed.

Sacha Jean-Baptiste, the stage designer of the Georgian performance, explained the concept: "Nina is both the singer of Warrior, and the songwriter, which is pretty unusual. Our goal was to show the song, which has a very generic message about strong women and feminism, with a very personal stage performance by Nina."

Before going on stage

Nina Sublatti was rehearsing with her new backing vocalists in her dressing room at the Wiener Stadthalle before she met backstage. "We were just going through the routine, singing the verses together. I am always very relaxed in such situations, it's organic for me to sing and go on stage", she told

Part of her personal style are several small tattoos, which she showed to our cameras - so be sure to watch our backstage video! On stage, Nina will be wearing a very special dress, enforcing the image of a strong women, and traditional jewellery today.

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