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Nina (Serbia) 2nd press conference

05 May 2011 at 18:53 CEST

Asked if Nina might even sing a verse of the magical song in English in the Semi Finals, she has to decline: “When it's sung in Serbian it will bring the meaning across better.”

She adds that at first she was indeed stunned by the size of the stage and the arena. But she feels quite confident after the second rehearsal. Until the Semi Finals however, she and the backing vocalists will continue rehearsing on a daily basis, not only on stage but also in the hotel.

Although Nina is not too knowledgeable about the late Sixties, song composer Kristina Kovac finds that she and the song strike a nice balance. “Her voice is very contemporary yet it naturally fits the song. Motown hits influenced me when I wrote the song,” says Kristina.

“I love the colours and the hairstyle, they all suit me,” Nina is quick to add. As if to prove it, she takes off one of her dainty white, red and black patent leather shoes and holds it aloft.

Both Kristina and Nina have the magical feeling. Both are in love and feel magical moments, which inspired Kristina to write the song and Nina to perform it. In short, that’s what Čaroban is all about.