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Nina (Serbia) 1st press conference

01 May 2011 at 19:54 CEST

During the press conference, Nina was asked if she’d ever dreamed of performing for Serbia after it had won the contest in 2008. “I was dreaming about it,” she answers. And when the composer of Čaroban, Kristina Kovač, saw Nina’s song on Youtube, she called her and asked if she wanted to sing her song. “I said ‘hell yes!’,” the pharmacology student says jubilantly.

Serbia seems to have revamped its performance: “We’re here with a totally different song. Usually we play ethnic sounds. This is the first time the song is poppy. It will get more points now,” says Head of Delegation Dragan Ilic modestly of a song reminiscent of the famed Dusty Springfield. Creative Director Boris Miljkovic adds: “The late 1960's smell is what we want to spray around on stage. It will be retro and very colourful.”

The delegation is extremely happy to be in Düsseldorf. Speaking for the whole team, Dragan Ilic says: “The first rehearsal was wonderful, the people are very nice here. I think it will be an excellent show, the atmosphere is excellent too and I hope that you will have a good time with us.”  

For him, everything is magical, the song, “Nina’s voice is magical, so are the backing vocals.” Nina gives a taste of the song in English, but it has been decided that it be performed in Serbian. “I can represent the people of Serbia better in our language,” Nina says.