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Nina Badrić to sing Nebo for Croatia in Baku

18 February 2012 at 22:11 CET

Croatian broadcaster HRT had internally selected Nina to represent their nation. They felt that after a period of three years without qualifying from the Semi-Finals of Europe's Favourite TV Show, it was time to call upon a very experienced and well respected artist to try and change these recent fortunes.

In a musical extravaganza entitled Dora 2012, many special guests were invited by the broadcaster to join Nina and give their own performances, prior to the showcasing for the first time of Nina's Croatian entry for Baku.

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The other guests tonight were as follows:-

  • Kaliopi - representative of FYR Macedonia in Baku
  • Rambo Amadeus - representative of Montenegro in Baku
  • Maya Sar - representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina in Baku
  • Emilija Kokić - soloist and lead singer of Riva, who won the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest for Yugoslavia
  • Nina - representative of Serbia in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest
  • Hari Mata Hari - representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest

Amongst the performances were Emilija Kokić performed a ballad version of the 1989 winner Rock Me. Nina sang together with Hari Mata Hari a version of Lejla, the 2006 Bosnia & Herzegovina entry.

Croatia will perform in the second half of the Second Semi Final of Europe's Favourite TV Show on Thursday May 24th in Baku.