New website for Diana Gurtskaya!

Diana explains that the concept of the site is inspired by friendship, love and peace which is also the message of her entry Peace Will Come. She added that "the Eurovision Song Contest is a contest where Europe becomes really united. On stage you can see representatives of different countries in peace and friendship".

The big heart on her website represents all the 42 artists of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. If you click on one of the small lights, you will get all the relevant information about Diana's colleagues in Europe's biggest musical competition. Diana says that "all of the 42 performers are very talented and are supported by their fans and admirers". With creating this website, Diana and her team want to show their respect to each and every one of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest artists.

 Of course, Diana's website offers lots of interesting facts about Diana herself as well, like a photo gallery, a media gallery and information about Georgia.

Diana Gurtskaya will sing Peace Will Come in the second Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest which will take place on the 22nd of May in Belgrade. 

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