New web portal for Eurovision Family of Events

"The Eurovision events are among the most spectacular entertainment shows in Europe and they are growing every year. It is, therefore, ever more important to us to keep the spectators informed about the latest developments with each event", says Bjørn Erichsen, Director of Eurovision TV.

The aim of this initiative is to make the three flagship events of the EBU easily accessible to a large audience, the three websites will be highly integrated with each other. The website will not only incorporate all the already existing features of the Eurovision Song Contest web site, but it will present a number of new features. These include a new and very user friendly design; a completely revised history section; and new live streaming of the various national selection events. The portal will continue to evolve based on new technology and user feedback to ensure the most updated platform with easy access to all the relevant information about the Eurovision events.

"Last year, we successfully experimented with cross-media exploitation of content, this year we are fine-tuning our strategy. Through the cooperation with our partners and Host Broadcasters, we are aiming to exceed the expectations of our audience and present Europe a cross-media production of the highest quality," says Nicoletta Iacobacci, Head of Interactive TV at Eurovision TV.

The 53rd Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Belgrade, Serbia from the 20 - 24 May. The contest will be broadcast live in approximately 45 countries. It can be viewed live, worldwide on the internet on 

For further information

Patricia Goldschmid, Communications Advisor, Mobile: +41.79.774.86.44, [email protected]
Nicoletta Iacobacci, Head of Interactive TV, [email protected]
Sietse Bakker, Project Manager Internet, Mobile: +372 574 10923, [email protected]

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