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New versions of Serbian entry revealed

29 April 2012 at 23:11 CEST

Nije Ljubav Stvar will be performed in the Serbian language in Europe's Favourite TV Show, but RTS have been receiving propositions almost on a daily basis to record the song in other languages.

Fan from Belarus helps with Russian version

Željko opted for the version in Russian first of all, and chose the lyrics that were penned by a big fan of his, Victoria Lapeho from Belarus. She published her translation on the Twitter social network, where this year's Serbian representative is also quite active.

Victoria lives in Vitebsk, a town founded by ancient Slavs, and hometown of one the famous painter Marc Chagall. It's also the city where 13 years ago, at the beginning of his career, Željko Joksimović triumphed at the prestigious international song festival, Slavyanski Bazaar. Last year, Joksimović was a jury member at this festival. Thanks to Twitter, Victoria managed to contact Zeljko and this version of the song is the result.

Official video clip to soon be revealed

Željko  is currently shooting the official video clip for the song, directed by the famous photographer Nebojsa Babić . This new video presentation of the song is not an ordinary presentation, it has another aspect to it. Namely, in cooperation with Nenad Mahmutović, it will make it possible for hearing impaired persons to follow the words of the song Nije Ljubav Stvar. Mahmutović  will translate the lyrics into sign language for all those who were not able to hear to the song throughout Europe. Mahmutovic was the winner of the local I've Got Talent 2011 show.

Summer acoustic version of Nije Ljubav Stvar

This unusual and original audio visual work is two minutes and fourty seconds long and is bound to bring smiles on people's faces. In this version of the song, Željko plays or mimics the sound of fifteen different instruments. Besides Internet and social networks, this version of the song is also available on iPhones and Android operating systems.

Stay tuned to over the coming days as the official video clip for the Serbian entry is released.