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New version 'shines' for Toppers

25 February 2009 at 15:36 CET

Right after the Dutch audience choose the song Shine to become the Dutch entry for Moscow, The Toppers and their staff had a brainstorm session about the final production of the winning song and about their act in general.

They stumbled upon a special dance club remix of the song Shine which was made by one of the most renowned DJā€™s in the international club scene. He's responsible for numerous number one dance-hits and world famous "floor fillers".

The Toppers and their staff were thrilled by this remix and they invited him to produce their entry. The Shine New Wave Eurovision 2009 Mix will be produced as a radio edit, which The Toppers will perform in the Semi-Final and possibly during the Final in Moscow. A special extended version will be made especially for the (dance)club scene throughout Europe. 

The European release of the remixes and the video are planned for the 13th of March.  This is also the day that the new Toppers site will be launched.

They will take the stage in the Second Semi-Final of Europe's favorite TV-show on 14th of May in Moscow.