New trophy for Eurovision Song Contest


This year's trophy for the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest has the shape of a classic microphone with a wonderful sense of nostalgia. It is made from solid transparent glass with sand-blasted and painted detailing. "I wanted to focus on the meaning of "song" because for me the Eurovision Song Contest is primarily about singing", says Kjell Engman.

Kjell Engman has worked as a glass artist for thirty years. Recently, he has focused on art glass and his creations can be found in exhibitions around the world. Music has always been a major source of inspiration for him and his recent exhibitions have contained spectacular and playful instruments in a range of colours, all made of glass, of course!

"Rock and roll and classical music played by major symphonic orchestras have the biggest appeal, but I think the vibrant range of the Eurovision Song Contest is absolutely awesome", says the artist.

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