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New selection format for the Netherlands

06 July 2011 at 22:16 CEST

This afternoon in Hilversum, broadcaster TROS announced its plans for the selection of the Dutch entry in 2012. In the first of a number of changes announced, TROS unveiled a rather unorthodox method for budding composers and artists to submit their songs. 

Assisted by two "stewardesses", TROS director Peter Kuipers revealed a huge suitcase that will stand in the courtyard of the TROS headquarters for the next three months. TROS invites artists and composers both known and unknown to post their entries through the mailbox belonging to the suitcase. 

This year, the entries can be submitted in a number of ways. People are free to submit just lyrics, (sheet) music, the name of an artist, a complete audio production or a combination thereof. 

Budding hopefuls will need to submit their entries in person and when posting their envelops into the large suitcase, must give their reasons for entering into a camera built into the suitcase.

The deadline for entries to be submitted is midnight on the 30th of September after which 6 or 7 acts will be chosen to compete in the Nationaal Songfestival 2012 in January, for the right to represent the Netherlands in Azerbaijan. 

The above marks a change in tactics by the Netherlands, who have not managed to qualify to the final since 2004. In recent years, the Dutch act has been chosen internally, with only the song selection left to the general public. Now TROS is reverting to a multi-artist selection once again in the hope that their fortunes will change.