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New Music from the Eurovision Song Contest 'Class of '23'

13 October 2023 at 08:00 CEST
A browse through the new music releases from the artists who participated at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool.
Serbia's Luke Black in the music video for his latest single 'I'm So Happy'.

In May, they got to use the biggest televised music platform in the world to showcase their artistry to hundreds of millions of new fans in waiting. Since then, those acts have been showing us what else they've got up their stylish sleeves, after returning to their home countries to work on some brand-new music. 

Some of these gems you unfortunately won't find while rummaging through the vinyl in your local record store. So allow us to gather up all of the latest offerings from our Liverpool faves, getting you acquainted with the singles and albums that everyone from Blanca to Blanka did next. 

Ukrainian duo TVORCHI released 'I Can't Stop' in August.

Reigning Contest champ Loreen has just released the much-anticipated follow-up to her Eurovision winner for Sweden, Tattoo

But just how does one follow up a song that went to the top of the charts in 19 countries, peaked at number 5 on the Global Spotify daily chart (a chart that it remains lodged firmly in today, at the time of writing), and - y'know - won the Eurovision Song Contest? Loreen is doing so with her brand-new single Is It Love

Loreen is back with new single 'Is It Love'. Charli Ljung

According to the artist herself:

'Is It Love' was born from a place of seeking clarity, it’s a song describing and contemplating a love that’s so deep but at the same time filled with confusion. It’s about realising that to create a deeper understanding of yourself you need to accept the duality of life, that distortion and clarity goes hand in hand and are equally as important. And to experience the depth of true love, both to the self as well as to others, you have to accept and experience the depth of pain.'

Runner-up at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool was Käärijä, with his unforgettable party-starter for Finland, Cha Cha Cha

Well, the fun-loving Finn isn't quite ready to shut down the party (or indeed the crazy) just yet. In September, after a summer spent touring around his native Nordic land, the genre-defying artist released It's Crazy It's Party, featuring Estonian rapper and singer Tommy Cash.

Noa Kirel gave Israel a third-place finish in May with Unicorn, and since then she's gifted fans old and new with the single Deja Vu, as well as two collaborations - פרובוקטיבית with Forever Tel Aviv and Sagi Kariv, plus מחול מטורף (מתוך Sing פסטיגל) with the Sing Festigal festival.

Ukrainian duo TVORCHI landed upon a successor to Heart of Steel when they put out I Can't Stop in August. The talented chaps also released a collaboration with the band The Hardkiss - fronted by Eurovision Song Contest 2023 host Julia Sanina - Мрійники

Liverpool saw plenty of boys in bands descend upon it in May thanks to the Eurovision Song Contest coming to town. And when those music-making gents returned home, they got right back into their composing.

Slovenia’s Joker Out switched to singing in English on their next single, even going so far as to name check the British capital - on Sunny Side Of London. We’ve also had follow-up singles from Ireland’s Wild Youth (All Again For You), Malta’s The Busker (Thinking About You) and San Marino’s Piqued Jacks (Color Shades). Sudden Lights, meanwhile, went on to release two singles in their native Latvian after their time at the Contest - Mēs Turpināmies and Mūsu Mīlestība.

Two bands that we got to know and love in Liverpool went on to release a whole album’s worth of material, and have used the summer months to head out and tour all of that music to adoring audiences.

Voyager released their Fearless In Love album in July, hitting the Australian charts and hearts with all of the might we’ve become accustomed to from the band. 

Croatia’s Let 3 switched tractors for track listings and released their latest album at the end of August - the succinctly and suitably titled ŠČ!.

It turns out that Who The Hell Is Edgar wasn’t a one-off collaboration and (perhaps compelled once more by the creative spirit of Edgar Allan Poe), Austria’s Teya & Salena reunited to record and release new single Bye Bye Bye in September.

Luke Black from Serbia dropped follow-up tune I’m So Happy in August, which we certainly hope might be some subliminal messaging on his state of mind since Liverpool. Though we do hope there’s no such messaging at play in Remo Forrer from Switzerland's new single Not Okay. And let there be no ominous undertones to the latest single from Germany’s Lord of the Lost which they put out in early October - One Last Song

The United Kingdom's Mae Muller got to release her debut album at the end of September. Sorry I'm Late features the accompanying single Me, Myself & I, which she recently got to perform on The Graham Norton Show to a sofa of celebs including Kylie Minogue and Mawaan Rizwan. 

Italy's Marco Mengoni, meanwhile, used the occasion of his participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 to release the final part of his Materia album trilogy - Prisma. Monika Linkyte from Lithuania also released a new LP in May - her Healing album.

Since their time in Liverpool in May, some of our prized participants have found the time to release two new singles. Norway's Alessandra has shown us a different side to her sound with Pretty Devil and Bad Bitch. And Polish artist Blanka has had good times on her mind with both Rodeo and Boys Like Toys. Baltic pop princess Alika has gone on to release two tunes in her native Estonian - Lihtsalt Veab and Õde Ütles.

We've also had follow-up singles to unearth and enjoy from Czechia's Vesna (Wolfrunners), Armenia's Brunette (Holiday Nostalgia), Spain's Blanca Paloma (Plumas De Nácar), Moldova's Pasha Parfeni (Fetele), Portugal's Mimicat (Vais Ter Saudades), Iceland's Diljá (Crazy), Greece's Victor Vernicos (The 968 Paradox), Denmark's Reiley (Lovesongs) and Romania's Theodor Andrei (ARTIST).